“Chagall, a dream of a summer night” at the Careers of Lumières des Baux

Carrières de Lumières - Route de Maillane Les Baux de Provence FR 13520

from 4 March 2016 to 8 January 2017:

In the Alpilles, the gigantic Carrières de Lumières welcomes every year unique multimedia shows in the world!

500,000 visitors in 2015 for the Italian Renaissance painter: will Marc Chagall attract more spectators? The challenge is launched for this painter of Russian origin naturalized French on the eve of the Second World War and considered by Hitler as “degenerate”.

On 5,000 square meters of the Quarries of lights, on walls up to 14 meters in height, his most evocative works will dialogue with the visitors, invited to stroll through the immense halls of the Carrières.

This show revolves around 12 sequences and evokes life, poetry, war, landscape, love, roots. Alongside the painted work, the show reveals collages, ceramics, mosaics and stained glass showing all the talents of the artist.

. It is a journey to which the spectators are invited through the stages of the creation of the great painter.

No fewer than one hundred projectors and 27 speakers are used for the performance: an unprecedented way to discover the work of Chagall.

It was Mikhail Rudy, the “intranquil” pianist and friend of Chagall who provided useful advice to compose the soundtrack that will accompany the spectator’s journey throughout his career in the beautiful quarries of Les Baux de Provence.

Once again the Careers of Light of the Baux will be a stage impossible to circumvent this year!