Valentine’s Day and Roquemaure

Everywhere on February 14, Valentine’s Day, is synonymous with a feast of lovers who exchange that day gifts, chocolates or red roses …

It was originally a pagan custom, the Lupercales, recovered by the Catholic Church which made of Valentine the patron of the lovers.

Valentine was a monk who, in the 3rd century, under the Emperor Claudius II said the Cruel, united the young betrothed by the sacrament of marriage.

The Emperor, having abolished the marriage which, according to him, was a legionnaire with little motivation to go into battle, forbade him to continue these blessings and had him arrested.

Imprisoned, Valentin became friendly with the blind blind Julia, daughter of his jailer, and miraculously restored his sight.

Before he was executed he offered him a heart-shaped sheet with the words “of your Valentine.” He died beheaded on 14.02 269.

In 1868 a rich winegrower bought the relics of Saint Valentin in Rome to protect the vines of the phylloxera which had been raging in the area for several years and had them placed in the church of Roquemaure, a town situated between Orange and the Pont du Gard. .

Roquemaure becomes the “City of the Legends of Love”, and commemorates both the arrival of the relics of the saint and the feast of lovers: folk groups, musicians, Parades of costumed people, lovers, rides and markets invade the city joyfully creating a very special festive atmosphere.