Berlingots and Papalines: two sweets from Comtat Venaissin and Avignon.

Berlingots and papalines: two sweets of Provence!

If the berlingot was born in the time of the Popes of Avignon, in the fourteenth century, this is not the case of the papaline which was born in 1960! An avignonais, Auguste Blachère, assembled in 1835 60 plants picked on the slopes of the giant of Provence (the Ventoux). After a clever and secret maceration, distillation and addition of honey the Origan liqueur was born! It became one of the most popular digestives in France with therapeutic qualities, since it proved effective against the cholera that raged in Avignon in 1884 and in 1960, masters pastry chefs of the Vaucluse created the famous pink thistle by coating this liqueur with 72% chocolate covered with a thin layer of pink chocolate. Today this subtle and delicious candy is inscribed in the National Heritage of the French specialties of chocolate and any pastry that respects itself in the city of the Popes or in the Comtat Venaissin offers it to the hosts of passage.

berlingots de carpentras

The berlingot’s origins

The origin of the berlingot is more confused. Many regions claim to be the cradle of the three-faceted candy: etymologically it would be transalpine (berlingo meaning table would have given its name to this sweet made on a family trestle), the shipowners of Nantes would have brought it back from the Americas … Which one is sure is that it is a bisoté ingot, bizarre but tasty and all the Provençaux will tell you: the berlingot was born in Carpentras! Its history is very simple: Pope Clement V fleeing the troubles of Rome settled in Carpentras, capital of Comtat Venaissin and decided to celebrate greatly the dissolution of the order of the Templars in 1312. The reception which took place in the present courthouse was sumptuous, and the pope’s cook fashioned sticks of sugar decorated with caramel, mint and lemon to astonish the guests. He presented to the Sovereign Pontiff his creation on a silver platter and invited the latter to cut it with gold scissors. Clement V, Bertrand de Got’s true patronymic, was executed: the berlingot was born to purify …. breath and for 700 years the poppy’s berlingots contribute to the glory of Carpentras. Let us say it: berlingots and papalines are to taste …. religiously .